Sunday, June 5 at 5:00 p.m.
The Wilburn Company ‘Headliners’ Stage at STAR Centre of Havre de Grace

Who can play 20 instruments, sing, tap dances, is capable of physical frolicking and is a master at all of them? Gunhild Carling is your answer!

“Raucous, boisterous and cheeky, Gunhild Carling is a stunning performer to watch.The self-proclaimed ‘Swedish Viking’ captured the audience with her peerless performance and shameless frontwoman persona. A multi-instrumentalist, Carling can best be described as a power unto herself.” –

“Gunhild Carling is a superb jazz musician who’s technique is reminiscent of the 20’s 30’s hot swing style. Her vocals have an amorous swing to them and it doesn’t hurt that she has a kind of nostalgic glamorous appearance that so fits her persona.“ –

“Sweden’s Gunhild Carling is truly a musical experience to behold. The talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist is an Internet sensation and a marvelous throwback to the days of the Classic Entertainers of the ’20s and ’30s.” –